BITeamwork 2.7 Now Available

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We did it! You Benefit from it.

Built by an Oracle ACE and Business Intelligence Experts, we heard that collaboration functionality in your BI Tool was super important. So, we built the only real manageable solution; And we support it 100%. We'll even install it for you.

Made for everyone.

BITeamwork seamlessly integrates into OBIEE. There are core collaboration functions for end-users but also new time saving features for the BI Administrators. The value of BITeamwork is immediately visible.

Packed with features.

BITeamwork provides dashboard comments, view comments, cell comments, comment reply tracking and alerts, collaboration via Chatter, and Yammer, splash pages, environment highlighting and an embedded BITeamwork control panel to manage it all.

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5-Minute Install.

1. Download It

2. Move the BITeamwork zip file to the Server and decompress

3. Create the BITeamwork DB Schema (Just like MDS & BIPLATFORM)

4. Edit the BITeamwork Deployment Script

5. Execute the BITeamwork Deployment Script


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