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About BITeamwork

It’s Collaborative Business Intelligence for Your Analytics

It’s a bit of a mission really. BITeamwork is an innovation architected and developed to solve a real problem within enterprise Business Intelligence. Today, your BI users may be exporting dashboard content to Microsoft Excel, manipulating the data outside of the enterprise “one source of the truth” mantra, and mocking-up the data full of comments for sharing or personal reference. That information typically lives with that person but now it’s locked in an Excel file on the user’s desktop. Now multiply that scenario by the number of BI users with access to your BI system. That equals a lot of metadata and knowledge about your corporate data either lost or accessible by only one person.

BITeamwork solves this issue, and many more as you’ll see in the demo, by keeping the comments within the BI tool itself, for immediate visibility and future reference, in context to each dashboard query and/or user Point-of-View from when the comments were created. We are not just trying to give your BI implementation better functionality, we are leading the charge with our Collaborative BI framework teaching companies how interacting with BI data should actually be done at the enterprise level. Our customers know the power of Collaborative BI using BITeamwork and we look forward to working with you so that you understand how your BI implementation can be bettered through Collaborative BI with BITeamwork.