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Download BiTeamwork

Choose and download an edition that’s right for your Collaborative BI needs.

Community Edition

Fastest way to get started: The base version of BITeamwork that includes comments, enhancements to administration, and more. The base version has few restrictions and you get all the glory.

Get Enterprise Edition

Engines to full: The enterprise version of BITeamwork includes collaboration capabilities using cell annotations, Yammer,, and more. This is the complete version of BITeamwork that is perfect for your enterprise.

Installing BITeamwork

Yes, you can install and get BITeamwork up and running or you could talk with one of our Partners for assistance.

All instructions on installing and configurating BITeamwork are found in our documentation and videos sections.

Get Support

Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t. But it is here in case you do.

Standard support is available via our support forums. Enterprise support is available to customers who have purchased the Enterprise Edition of BITeamwork.

What about updates?

Updates to BITeamwork are released periodically. Notification of updates are sent via email to the email address you used to download or purchase the software. The Enterprise version of BITeamwork includes support and free upgrades to minor an major releases.